Dr Scott Teske



Dr Teske performs the following treatments and procedures…

 Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is a Sub-Specialty of the discipline of Ophthalmology which includes,

  • Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and brow.

  • Treatment of eyelid malposition including ectropion, entropion, ptosis and eyelid retraction.

  • Rebuilding the eyelids following the removal of skin cancers or trauma.

  • Management of Graves Disease including vision impairment and cosmetic complications.

  • Rehabilitation of the eye affected by facial and / or trigeminal nerve palsy.

  • Enucleation / Evisceration and rehabilitation of the anophthalmic socket.

  • Surgery of the lacrimal drainage system in the management of epiphora (watery eyes).

  • Management of inflammatory and neoplastic disorders of the orbit.

  • Management of orbital trauma including repair of orbital fractures.

  • Medical and Surgical management of essential blepharospasm.